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We had two clear mandates – leverage the best open source technology and create a more intuitive user experience. We saw that the new (at the time) Hypervisor — Linux KVM — held promise, and we built our stack on it. Since then, Digital Workspaces has become the industry standard for Linux virtualization.

Our technical innovation has set us apart: in 2015 we were named ‘Digital Workspaces’ (in the Cloud Computing World Series Awards), and that same year we started licensing our technology to other hosting providers, who saw the power of what we had built.

People typically think of cloud hosting as self-service and wholly automated. But we understood from the start that skilled support would be key to our offering. After all, our customers were handing their core infrastructure, the very lifeblood of their businesses, over to us. To do that, they needed to be able to pick up the phone and talk to a human when they had a problem.

And because we built our platform from the ground up, our team knows the technology inside out. Any one of us can solve our customers’ problems quickly and efficiently, and they love us for this.

Word spread. By 2015, we saw demand well beyond the US and began opening data centers around the globe.

Today, we’re still actively searching for new developments coming out of the Open Source community. That’s why we recently launched reactive servers and our sibling service, Springs. We saw a new paradigm emerging around Linux containers, and, as is our habit, we wanted to be one of the first to market with a service built around it.

After seven years helping development shops, systems integrators, and tech startups run their businesses more efficiently, we’ve developed a reputation to live up to: In 2016 Deloitte named us the second fastest growing Internet company in the US. We hope you’ll help us make it to #1.

Corporate Headquarters

Email: info@digitalworkspaces.com
Address: 110 Traders Cross, 1st Floor, Bluffton, South Carolina 29909
Phone: 843-376-3967
Hours: 24 hours a day

Simple & Reactive Cloud Servers

Our reactive servers automatically scale vertically based on load.

Linux - Friendly Cloud Storage

Dynamically scaling cloud file storage designed for Linux users.

Cloud Reseller Hosting Programs

We have a number of reseller programs to benefit your business.